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a painful return to the bay area, three men on board that capsized fishing boat talk tonight about leaving a brother behind. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it's not over, the u.s. coast guard resumed the search for the missing fishermen. the search is expected to
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resume tomorrow. air crews completed their fifth search yesterday of the 1,000 square mile area in the sea of cortez near isla san luis mexico. the mexican navy and mexican federal police also are participating in the search effort. the families of the seven missing men still hold out hope that one could still be found alive. but after a week they know the odds are not in their favor. new at 10:00 tonight, debra villalon is with a family that three men are back because they left a fourth brother behind. >> reporter: they fish together as often as they can, in fact, they've made this mexico trips a couple of times before. >> our brother ryan he's the one that woke us up. he said the ship is sinking. >> reporter: raising to the
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deck then swept into the bay. these brothers bare the scars of hours in the water. but the scars are nothing compared to the pain of losing their brother. >> we're keeping the hope, but as the days go on i realize there's less and less chance. >> reporter: less chance of finding one of the seven men left behind. on water or on one of the tiny islands of sea of cortez. families are eager to see a search team. >> i have to believe there had to be two or three people trapped in the boat. that may put some closure. >> reporter: happy reunions are shattered by those still missing. they wept on vacation expecting to be gone a week and now their friends and families are grappling with the unthinkable. these brothers say if anyone can make it bryan can. his wife and two brothers are hanging on that hope.
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>> we haven't given up, it's still a long shot. i mean there's always hope. >> reporter: none of the families are giving up and they are staying connected on a website and facebook page called find our fathers. live in berkeley, debra villalon. >> you can find more coverage on this story on our website we also posted video of last sunday's rescue. just click on the lost fishermen's tab. a drug deal gone bad resulted in that triple homicide in richmond, yesterday's killing has certainly rocked that city that is seeing a sudden surge in violence. ken pritchett today talked with the community about what's needed now. >> reporter: mixed into the scheduled sermon at independent community church were words from the party. >> if you bring pain to my neighborhood, now i'm going to bring pain to your neighborhood, now the whole city is hurting.
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>> reporter: today the typical debris of a criminal investigation is where three men were shot dead. that makes six homicides in a week. this after a dramatic drop in homicides in richmond from last year. in february of 2010, religious and community leaders took to the streets demanding an end to violence after a shooting at new kissemety church. >> we had more people praying on the corner, we had thousands of people marching and i think that an impact on the city began there. >> reporter: but with 17 homicides already this year and richmond, the intervention is so strong before has faded. along with the focused effort. he says it's time for people to once again fill the streets to send a message. >> we need these young men to
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stand downright now in richmond. >> reporter: we talked to richmond police today who said yesterday's homicides appear to be drug related and not connected to any of the homicides earlier this week. in richmond, ken pritchett, ktvu challenge two news. police tonight have identified all three people killed yesterday. 36-year-old michael anderson of richmond, dante deloney of oakland. a fairfield woman is accused of walking into the lobby of a hotel neighborhood and armed with a handgun. patricia riey was arrested. rie entered the lobby. police surrounded the building. she admitted taking both marijuana and extasy. a man found shot in the
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head has died. pittsburgh police fond marcus jackson wednesday night after a report of gunshots. the following day ktvu news reporter jackson was on the -- police have not made any arrests. police in antioch have started a summer long crack down on kids breaking curfew. ktvu christien kafton has more on how police are reacting. >> reporter: after dark when the park closes it can be a draw for teenagers out breaking the 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew. >> we've had problems in some of the our parks and the open spaces and as well as just businesses. of juveniles becoming the victims of crime late at night. >> reporter: friday night's curfew crack down netted 17 teens. the teens weren't arrested but they were issued citations and brought here to the police
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station to be picked up by their parents. police say the crack down isn't aimed at harassing teens, on the contrary teens have been the target of both juvenile and adult criminals. >> the attacks range from simple theft to armed robbery. >> i think there's a good idea. kids don't need to be out. there's nothing for them to do they shouldn't be out there. >> reporter: even teens say it makes sense. >> i mean, as a kid you're always going to want a later curfew, but when you have to be home you have to be home. >> reporter: curfew violations peek. so friday's crack down was just a first of a series of crack downs. >> our focus this time has been around some of our park, we've had problems out, the focus next time will shift to another location. it will be strategically planned every time. >> reporter: the most common way they found crime breakers is when residents call.
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so if you see a group of teens breaking curfew, call it in. investigators are trying to figure out why a car stopped right in the middle of the road causing a crash. it happened in oakland, the chp says the driver of that car stopped then was hit by two other vehicles. one person was killed, their identity has not yet been released and there's no word tonight if charges will be filed. work on part of the new transbay center in san francisco temporarily halted after a construction worker was injured. as we first reported yesterday at 5:00, the accident happened beneath fremont street. the worker was relocating some under ground utility lines when he hit a live electrical power line. >> he had second degree burns on his arms and face. luckily he was wearing his goggles, protective goggles which kept any eye damage.
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we're expecting a full recovery. >> reporter: the transbay authorities say they are stopping work. work on the remainder of the sidewalks will continue as normal tomorrow. cal osha investigating but is yet to release its findings. a plane that took off from san francisco is finally reaching it's destination. it was diverted to chicago after a flight attendant found a sticker with a message. the plane was cleared and returned to germany. and the crista fire started yesterday. it was downed by a power line.
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flames have now spread to 500 acres. the fire is 50% contained and full containment is expected tomorrow morning. demonstrators gathered in california to rally for two cal graduates arrested in iran. shourde was freed last year on $500,000 bail. today she joined demonstrators in asking for iran to release her two friends. shourd also shared what the men are going through right now. >> there's two of them in the same sized cell that i was in. it's 10 feet by 14 feet. the lights are always on. so they have to sleep with something wrapped around their eyes. they only get to leave their cell 40 minutes a day where they are taken to a larger sell where they can return around in circles to exercise.
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>> reporter: shane's mother is from berkeley and was at the rally today. sergeant bryan carter died bark on june 22 after a two year battle with hopkins lymphoma. a rally in his honor collected twice the blood that they intended to collect. the driver was so successful, 15 people had to be turned away. the mercury news reports that city manager jennifer sparsino wrote a memo to city council saying the bid should be open for all to bid not just montana. montana is expected to pitch the project to the city council on tuesday.
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there may be a new decision on debt ceilings in dc, but the political gridlock is affecting every day decisions here in the east bay. something truly out of this world could pose a threat to space shuttle atlantis as well as
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little progress tonight in the political show down. economists are concerned and they say you should be too. ktvu's patti lee live to explain the consequences. >> reporter: restaurants were packed at la fiesta square. but there's a definite air of caution and restraint. from bringing their own bottles to restaurants, to holding off on bigger purchases. east bay residents are coping with the war of words. if the debt ceiling is not raised, the u.s. will not be able to pay its debt say analysts. >> that would be catastrophic for the economy. >> reporter: harlen shaken says the show down could be severe consequences. >> if the u.s. defaults or even
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looks like it's going to default we could fall not slip, but fall into a second recession. >> reporter: until now the debt ceiling raised 10 times in the past decade has been a technical question. but this year republicans demanded major spending cuts in return for an increased ceiling. a plan democrats say won't work without raising taxes. >> they just want to create some drama so that they can extract their pet projects out of the administration. >> i think they should try to get down underneath what the current debt ceiling is and stop spending. >> reporter: reaction varies widely to the political stand off but jaycken says he's most worried about the reaction from the international community. >> if there's even a hint that a political dispute in the u.s. can paralyze the debt ceiling, then our fate in credit is
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damaged. >> reporter: tonight president obama worked to sell republicans on 3 trillion in cuts and tax increases. but the only point of agreement was to meet and try again tomorrow. reporting live in lafayette, patti lee. republican presidential hopeful timpawlenty had some harsh words. the former minnesota governor said michelle bachmann has a nonexisting record of accomplishment during her three terms in congress. bachmann later told reporters that she's fight about her health care fight against president obama. huntsman spent the weekend looking for support in florida. the former utah governor attended four events. he told audiences that he supports a constitutional amendment and that lower taxs are the path to economic growth. his campaign headquarters is in
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orlando, florida's primary is on january 31st, that is the nation's fifth primary. a final and picture perfect shuttle docking today above earth. there you can see the space shuttle atlantis docked with the international space station. this is the last scheduled docking as the 30 year u.s. shuttle program is set to shutdown after atlantis returns to work. when the hatches open, as you can see there were plenty of hugs and smiles. meanwhile concern tonight that a piece of space junk could interfere with a space walk. they are monitoring the situation and we'll know more tomorrow if the junk is deemed to be a problem. the shuttle's thrusters could be used to move the craft. it's unknown how large that
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debris is. hundreds of tiny stingerless wasps will be released soon to try to fight the moth. the wasps will lay eggs inside the wasps and killing them. if it works officials say it will expand the programs to other counties. after a busy last day in los angeles, the royal newlyweds are on their way home. prince william and his wife kate boarded a plane back to the uk tonight. today the couple visited an art school. the two also attended a reception for an african wildlife conservation group and a fair for veteran soldiers. prince william paid tribute to american soldiers. >> this is about men and women who of their own free will choose to put their lives on the line for their country. they are the front line of a remarkable relationship between the united kingdom, the united states and canada which has
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safeguarded our freedoms for a century. >> reporter: today's event cap a 12 day north american tour which included stops in santa barbara and canada. it's the birth of a nation in africa. south sudan is now the world's youngest country. jana katsuyama found some sudanees who are keeping an eye on the revelations. >> reporter: the newly appointed president stood side to side -- marking the end of a decades long civil war. here in the bay area, sudanees from both north and south celebrated the moment. local sudanese author wrote a book on southern sudan and say while people are celebrating tonight, many critical problems remain unsolved. >> what i hope for the two separatists now is that we look
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forward rather than looking backward. the two sides still need to decide on a border and decide how to divide oil that travels through pipelines in the north. >> we have to lease a one people into separate states. >> reporter: the president of the sudanese corporation says the sudanese living here worry about their homeland and wonder what will happen once national borders are set. >> there are people from the south living in the north in the capital and other parts of the northern sudan. there are people from the north who are living also in the south and we want to keep that choice available to everybody so that they enjoy the richness and the diverse niche of sudan. >> reporter: this week the republican of south sudan is expected to become the 104th
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country recognized by the united nations. >> i'm frustrated and i'm hurt. we hear from an oakland police sergeant who it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary.
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the obama administration today confirmed it is with holding $800 million in military aid to pakistan one of its key allies in the war on terrorism. right now chief of staff bill daily called the suspension of aid appalled. the move comes after pakistan expelled american military trainers in response to the military commando raid which
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killed osama bin laden. the $800 million figure is a little more than a third of the more than $2 billion the u.s. gives to pakistan in security aid each year. in spain today at least 10 people were hurt after running with the bulls. it happened just about every year and the pictures are dramatic. some of the runners fell and were trampled during the event. they were taken to near by hospitals for treatment. the bull run is held every year, weekend runs can be the most dangerous because the streets are most crowded during those days. in other news of the world, in russia hope is fading of finding more survivors after a tourist boat sank. 101 people are still missing tonight from the accident and the reservoir on the volga river. 85 people made it to shore alive, two bodies have been recovered. one survivor said two other ships in the area did not help those in the water, although
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survivors were waving frankicly for help. in india, at least 60 people were killed and nearly 200 injured when a train jumped it's track in udal cradish. the train was traveling at 60 miles per hour when it was derailed. no word on what caused the incident. and in china today two minors were pulled out alive from a cave in a coal mine. they've been trapped there for eight days, the men were found in a ventilation slush partially filled with slush about a thousand feet in the ground. they said they actually survived by drinking water that seeped down from the shaft. the mine collapsed back on may 2. weapons coming from iran
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are a tremendous concern, u.s. officials say iran supplied shiite militias with power guns. yesterday panetta was in afghanistan, there he said al- qaidas defeat is quote within reach. the british tabloid news of the world printed its final edition today. the publication said thank you and goodbye to its readers this morning. the papers abrupt end comes after allegations that it's journalists paid police for information and hacked into cell phone messages of a young murder victim, celebrities and the families of dead soldiers. the tabloid's editor today paid final tribute to his staff. >> we said to the staff this morning this is not where we wanted to be and it's not where we deserve to be. but it's a final tribute to 7.5
11:57 pm
million readers. this is for you, and for the staff, thank you. >> clues in today's cross word puzzle mocked rebecca brooks who was the paper's editor when the incident occurred. she has since been promoted to editor. an oakland police sergeant speaks out about his speaks out about his involvement and the murder i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package --
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journalists chauncey bailey has been forbidden to talk publicly about the investigation. today for the first time you will hear handmire explain his role. >> reporter: none of oakland police sergeant darwin longmire has received more attention than the chauncey bailey investigation. until now, the police department had forbidden him from talking about the investigation. longmire sat with us. >> the abandonment by the police department and those who look after those who work under the division. >> reporter: one of the
12:01 am
questions we asked was about the decision to allow confessed chauncey bailey killer broussard to talk alone and unrecorded with convicted murder master mind yusuf bey iv. >> was it the right thing to do or wrong thing to do. >> it was the right thing to do and it hurt a lot of critic experts that i had blown the case. that was a tactic that i had used in different occasions. that got the ball rolling to turn state's evidence and testify against mackey and bey. >> there were also allegations that longmire had failed to note gps and conversations. but longmire says those were initiated before he was part of the case. >> i did not feel good documents things on my report
12:02 am
that i did not have concrete knowledge on. in additional to that, we knew that once the murder happened and this attorney came in that all of these cases were going to be paired up and that it would go vertical. so all the information would go to the district attorney. >> reporter: meanwhile sergeant longmire has serious charges of his own. charges that oakland police demanders agreed to comment on. top commander accused him. launching three investigations, the commanders waited at least six months to tell him that he had been cleared. and they tried to coach him to say he would not sue the
12:03 am
department. longmire declined and is suing the department in state court. >> can you tell me who you're talking about? >> i'm talking primarily about deputy howard jordan. who knew, was well aware of the fact that i had not jeopardized this case. >> reporter: why do you think they did that? >> i think that when ambition and fear weighs out against the protection and the -- against the protection of its employees i think oftentimes that's the final result. >> reporter: sergeant longmire no longer serves as a homicide detective but was fully reinstated to his rank and pay and did not lose any salary. frank somerville, ktvu news. you can find this story as well as the history of the chauncey bailey case by going to our website and
12:04 am
clicking on the chauncey bailey tab near the top. in her first television interview kidnapped victim jaycee dugard discussed tonight how her world quote changed in an instant when she was 11 years old and snatched off a street by phillip and nancy garrido. dugard says she remembers walking up the hill when she was paralyzed by a stun gun. she says that she remembers waking up in a van and nancy garrido was holding her done. then phillip garrido said i can't believe we got away with it and started laughing. when asked why she wrote a book about her ordeal, she said why not look down at it, stair it and it let it be done.
12:05 am
i didn't want any more secrets. the i pad and iphone will be manufactured to be ready for this fall. the iphone five is expected to be thinner with a better camera and processing speed. well two wheels were the preferred method of transportation on two of san francisco's most popular streets today. bicyclists had full use of jfk drive through golden gate park and down the great highway to slope boulevard. as part of the city's sunday streets program. our cameras though also found a few joggers, skateboards and scooters too. >> well it's nice to be able to bike around the city without having to deal with cars. plus i can take him along so it's a lot more fun. >> reporter: sunday streets returns august 15. that's when streets around the civic center and tenderloin will be car free from 11:00 to 4:00. hoop dreams on a sunday. what drew hundreds of basketball players to the oakland coliseum parking lot
12:06 am
and how one team's victory is benefits others. and mark tamayo will tell
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well we've been talking about this cool down over the past few days. the forecast pretty much on track. that trend will continue with an increase in the fog coverage. right now on the maps i can show you this. we have mostly clear skies inland but a fog bank already approaching our coastline with a steady on shore breeze. that's already bumping up a few patches right near the immediate shoreline. look for an increase below
12:09 am
clouds. that is a part of our weather story for tonight partly cloudy skies, fog will continue to be on the increase. tomorrow, the cooling trend will continue and the extended forecast we're still talking about some 60s and some 70s out there for most of the week. here we go with overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning we're showing you some 50s out there for santa rosa. napa the low 50s. pacifica 63, livermore right around 54. so for tomorrow we're going to have the clouds and also drizzle showing up coast side and along the bay. we even have cooler temperatures over the next few days as this weather system moves in from the north, this will not bring us any rainfalls but you can see the over all friend for monday, tuesday and wednesday. by wednesday the warmest locations only in the lower 70s inland. later in the week though by friday and to the weekend we're going to bump up those numbers. but still no heat wave showing up in the long range weather
12:10 am
maps. here's our forecast model shows us a big increase. i suspect the north bay and even parts of south bay could have low clouds as well. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 as we put this into motion, the clouds go back to near the coastline but still left over patches for parts of san francisco. more sunshine around the bay and plenty of sunshine inland but just with the presence of that deeper marine layer, the inland spots right around the 80 degrees mark. tomorrow's forecast beginning at 7:00, areas of fog. 53 to 58 degrees. by 12:00 we should have a sun cloud mix, still patchy fog out there coast side. and then by 4:00, those temperatures crank up. santa rosa right around 77, fairfield at 78. right around the rim of the bay some 60s. san jose right around 73. fremont at 70, and san francisco on the cool side only
12:11 am
in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. temperatures coming down a bit into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. then when it gradually bumps up those numbers for friday and the weekend, just a slight bump. but tomorrow you might encounter some wet roads out there. basketball players took full advantage of the sunny skies we had today outside the coliseum. the finals were held today, teams played for 62 teams. >> we wanted to give people an opportunity, the money is not the issue as much as the kids knowing they can go some where and meet some good people, i
12:12 am
think that's worth it. >> reporter: oakland vice mayor brooks tells us the team comprised of police officers defended their title. their winnings will be donated to the police activities league. another giant's players gets named to tuesday's all star game. we'll tell you about the recent addition. and a lot of people talking about this. team usa
12:13 am
12:14 am
good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the giants tonight took some momentum into the all star break with some of the all stars leading the way in a win
12:15 am
over the new york mets. before the game, pablo sandoval found out he will be making his all star debut. he knocked in the first giant run with this drive off -- andres torrez comes around to score. 21 consecutive games, panda- monium once again has taken over the park. cain won't pitch but he will be at the all star game. giants had a 4-0 lead. all star bryan wilson gave up a shot to the wall by justin
12:16 am
turner. wilson worked the ninth but gave up a run in getting the final three out. he also struck out the side. he got carlos beltran to end it. beltran the subject of rumors of where he could be headed postall star game. he will ride on a plane with the giants after san francisco's 42 win. that puts the giants 12 games over 400 at the break. happy times for sandoval who earlier this week spent some time on the field with his daughter and niece who made their way here from venezuela. his hitting streak at 33 games. he became one of the replacement players named by bruce bochy. when bochy called to notify sandoval he made it a call to remember. >> i said have you ever played at second base. he said yes. and i said do you think you can go to arizona. he didn't know what i was
12:17 am
talking about, and i said, well you're going to the all star game. we know how important he is to our line up. a couple of years ago he just missed making it. so i was very happy to call him and tell him he made the club. >> all the scoring in the first three innings between the diamondbacks and cardinals. carlos had a 4-2 lead that stood up the rest of the way. garcia improves his record to 9- 3. when they left for texas four days ago the oakland a's were optimistic about getting back into the american league west race with three games to play against the rangers. what happened is the a's lost four games in the standings that fall now 12 games back. how hot was it today in texas? hot enough to make an old
12:18 am
saying ring true. cahill pitched well enough to win. cahill sacrificed his body. beltre had a little more luck with cahill. with josh hamilton out in front of him, he hit one that left the park. this is about as close as the a's got to a rally. weeks had led up the eighth with a single. but he was a race when harrison got dejesus to ground out. the rangers win 2-0 to complete their four game sweep as the a's manage just six hits. certain equipment comes in handy on a warm and muggy day in new york. the a's found a unique way to lose to the yankees. hills tries to pick up robinson. throws the ball away. third baseman sean rodriguez never had a chance.
12:19 am
shields allowed just six hits in 8 innings. elliot johnson goes down on strikes with the final out of the game. nine strike outs for sebastia as he improves his record to 14- 4. the u.s. women's world cup team played a game today for the ages in the quarter finals against brazil. just second from elimination the americans put on an all time finish to move into the semi finals. dresdin the city that hosted the u.s. against brazil and the u.s. upjumped to a lead with a match not only two minutes old. brazil deani trys to control but instead puts the ball in the net. u.s. takes a 1-0 thanks to the own goal by brazil. stayed that way until the 68th minute. that's when the great marta made a goal. not only was buller called for a penalty. the referee gives her another
12:20 am
chance presumably because the u.s. player broke for the goal too soon. marta will not miss twice and the game is tied at one. they are headed to extra time where in the 97th minute, marta showed her ability again. this time she goes left food, sneaks the foot, down a goal and a player the u.s. needed a near miracle. it came in stoppage time, 122 minutes in, megan repino advanced to the net. who is there for the header to win. they go to penalty kicks to decide the winner, the attempt by that same d irk ane who was guilty of the own goal. the u.s. made all of its kicks the clencher by alex krieger, the 5-3 win comes on the 12 year anniversary of the penalty kick win over china in the rose
12:21 am
bowl. this one makes it five straight wins for the u.s. team against brazil and it earns the u.s. women a semi match up. that win to be held on wednesday. still to come on this late
12:22 am
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mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what.
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i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i'veost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. because of rain all weekend in colorado springs, the women's u.s. open golf tournament will not be concluded until tomorrow. for the fourth straight day rain delayed things with so as one of those who has finished four rounds. so with a long birdie on the eighth hole in route to the 68 that has her two over par. paula kramer will not repeat. she misses a short put for par.
12:25 am
she has four more holes to finish tomorrow. another korean,21-year-old rue drills this. she has three holes to play. it will all be decided tomorrow. here is how it all looks when they start back up. christie kerr three back with three to play. stanford at even par, carrie web with two back to play. no surprise that the vehicles along the back court are green and trimmed in gold. it was a day with a little bit of everything for defending champion steve stricker. stricker extended it to five on the ninth hole. but this is the year to learn about new players on the tour like 23-year-old kyle stanley. this birdie at 15, part of a stretch in which stanley made five birdies in six homes which earned him a share of the -- six holes which earned him a share of the lead. then put it back he tried to
12:26 am
blast out but didn't on the the first attempt. ending up with a birdie leaving him two back. but stanley not quite up to the pressure. he parred and took the birdie at 18. vicker pulled even with the birdie at 17. leads to par 18 to force the play off or he could just roll into birdie put. the winner of the john deer for the third straight year. an overcost day at pebble beach. this event pairs juniors with senior players. castilla to win the projr. competition. crenshaw and the competition. a ruben at tie for the lead. his third bin in this event in the last four years. >> and things shaken up today
12:27 am
in the tour de france. stage nine 129-mile with some beautiful scenery. a car crashes into two riders. they got back on their bikes and continued. the result changed the standings vockkler now the leader. the tour takes tomorrow off before resuming on tuesday. danica patrick 23, front and center in this incident with 14 laps to go. taglian was finished. dario frankini managed to steer clear of all of that. frankiti wins for the fourth time this year and extends his lead over power who was 24th today. that does it for this late
12:28 am
sunday night sports wrap. have a good night everybody. >> that was quite an accident. you see cyclists running into each other but not a car. >> amazing they got up and continued. >> thanks. be sure to join us at 4:30 a.m. they'll have the latest on can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
12:29 am
a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY U.s. 15, Oakland 9, Richmond 7, San Francisco 6, Longmire 6, Ktvu 5, Chauncey Bailey 5, Brazil 5, Us 3, Marta 3, At&t 3, Cahill 3, Pakistan 3, William 2, Patti Lee 2, Nancy Garrido 2, Yoplait Light 2, Boston Cream Pie 2, Raspberry Cheesecake 2, Rangers 2
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